A Spender, Not a Saver

Lo and behold, the titans

came crashing down

when the bull of Wall Street

charged away with their savings.

lives spent scrimping and saving

to keep everyone in good comfort,

able to order the new thing

off the infomercial any time

the thought pleased them.

To that, I’ll say no thank you.

I’d rather eat my savings in

caviar and a fine roasted rabbit

or beignets fresh from the fryers

at DuMonde. There was that one

time I spent every last dime

to fly to Curacao, where I floated,

unrepentingly, for the very next week.

Since no tomorrows can be promised

to us, I’d rather race toward death, smiling,

than simply sit on the couch, watching

The Price is Right, too terrified to ask

if I’ve ever really lived. the bonds

that are cared for are in stocks, not in relationships.  Money burns, but so does time. Especially when it’s wasted.


One thought on “A Spender, Not a Saver

  1. Reblogged this on davidbruceblog #2 and commented:
    Early in his career, Louis Armstrong worked as a jazz musician on a riverboat. He watched as a fellow musician almost starved himself in order to get money to invest in cotton. The man went hungry, saved his money, invested it in a cotton crop—and lost all his money when the crop failed because of boll weevils. Mr. Armstrong decided then and there that he would never be rich—but he would be fat.

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