It’s Called a Dance Floor, and Here’s What It’s For

In all the history,

I’ve studied

and witnessed

and read about,

I’ve never seen

any debts being settled

in a dance fight

or a dance off

and I wonder

what I’m doing wrong

that everything

in life ends with

raised voices

or defeated compromise

instead of using my


on the dance floor


my fellow

dance villain.


10 thoughts on “It’s Called a Dance Floor, and Here’s What It’s For

  1. this would pair well with my thinking that breaking out into song is the best way to truly express yourself–at the grocery store, in traffic, to your unruly children, etc.
    ps. i am as ready as i ever will be for a dance-off.

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    • Lorelai Kilmore says:

      That’s definitely true! Life is a cabaret! I try to keep my dance skills fine-tuned, Napoleon Dynamite style. It’s like how the Navy Seals do, but for dance vigilantes.

      Ps. Our kids love us, because we are super rad AND prepared for everything important.

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  2. Reblogged this on davidbruceblog #2 and commented:
    “In December 1971, the gangs at the Hoe Avenue peace meeting decided that instead of fighting each other, they would compete through dance, graffiti, and fashion—a shift that basically midwifed the birth of hip hop culture.”

    Source: Brentin Mock, “Disrupting the Cycle of Urban Violence With Arts and Culture.” CityLab. 23 October 2015

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