My Body is a Temple

Jesus, Mary, and

my cardiologist told me

that Thin Mints are

vegan, which, I suppose

makes them super


Also, I’m sure the facist

that decided the

small serving size of

hummus never had

homemade pita chips.

or a heart.

And wine is fine,

but vodka

is basically vegetables.


Shut Up and Write

We all come from broken childhoods

neglected, tormented, lonely, discouraged.

We’ve all lived through certain heartbreak

tragic melancholy, hope irreparably shattered

We’ve all suffered through loss and

inundation. Life is too much, often,

and disproportionately.

Yet this doesn’t make us average,

or even mundane.

Most people find the strength in themselves to

conquer these mountains,

but we summit these experiences

and feel compelled to tell the stories

until the hurt seeps out of us

and we can write

our own new endings.